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 Hi Anne,

Thank you for a beautiful morning on Wednesday.

In 2010, I attended a Meditation Course given by Anne. I found it a very rewarding and enriching experience. Since then I have attended a drop- in group run by Anne.

Anne creates a beautiful atmosphere when she leads the meditation; there is a wonderful sense of calm and positive energy within the group. Anne has taught me the benefits of meditation and the weekly session helps me in my own practise. It is an oasis of peace in a busy week.

I find that Meditation can be incorporated into my ordinary everyday living. Last week I had builders in the house and I found it very disruptive. In the middle of all the fuss, I took time out to make myself a cup of tea and enjoy it mindfully. It was a wonderful break and I was in a much better place after my Meditation.


May, 2012


A couple of years ago, I felt lost, I was bereaved, life had been

complicated and I was adrift, fragile and tired. Fortunately, I was

inspired to come to Anne for Reiki Healing though I knew nothing of it.

Words cannot adequately convey the power of the healing therapy that I

experienced through Anne - a lady with huge warmth, understanding and


I went on to attend Anne's weekly Drop-in Meditation class and

learned to reconnect with my inner self through stillness and meditation

practice. Anne's Mindfulness Course was a natural progression and I

learned the value of being with myself and life in the present moment.

This is a constant challenge and Anne gently advises that when life's

hustle and bustle takes over 'just start again without judgement or


Now having just completed Reiki I training with Anne, I feel a new

sense of peace on my journey. Anne is a truly inspirational teacher, a

wonderful facilitator and a gifted healer. She is just lovely in every way

and I am blessed to know her.

Thank you Anne


Read what people have to say about their experience of Reiki and its beneficial effect

My first experience of Reiki was following my diagnosis of breast cancer. Reiki became my 'crutch' for the duration of my treatment. Following surgery, I had a course of chemotherapy, and after each session of chemotherapy I received a reiki treatment with Anne.

As each chemo treatment day arrived, so did Anne, for my reiki session. A routine began to emerge, I would come home after the chemotherapy treatment, rest a while and then Anne would arrive to give me Reiki. Each session began with a chat, and I could talk about my concerns and outline the areas that I felt needed the healing most. Anne brought her reiki music with her and the relaxing music helped clear my mind and focus on receiving reiki healing.

After the first session I felt a great peace of mind.

As time progressed, I noticed an improvement in my sleeping pattern, my energy levels were better and emotionally I was becoming more balanced. Sometimes after a reiki treatment, I slept soundly for hours, which was just what my body and mind needed at the time. When the chemotherapy treatment was finished, I had a short break and then I started radiotherapy. I also received reiki regularly during the radiotherapy. Anne was cheerful, patient, and considerate to my needs. Her calm professional approach made a dramatic difference to my quality of life during a difficult time. I was privileged to have had Anne as my reiki practitioner.

Anne McK,

Ratoath, Co. Meath, July 2008



I discovered Reiki 'by chance'. A friend had an aromatherapy treatment at the Healing Within and found it very relaxing, so I decided to book one for myself. When I presented myself for my first appointment I completed a Consultation Form, and Anne and I had a chat about my reasons for attending. At that stage in my life, I had spent ten years living with intense anxiety. The most debilitating symptoms of my condition included: insomnia, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Over the years, I tried to manage these symptoms by making dietary adjustments, exercising, avoiding certain situations, going for counselling and trying alternative therapies.

I also tried to 'think my way' out of my depressed state. Around and around in circles I went, with no beginnings and certainly no end in sight, always ending up back where I started - tense, worried, tired, and depressed. This is how I was when I arrived for my first appointment. Anne listened to my story and enquired if I had ever considered Reiki. I said I was willing to give it a try. That was my introduction to the Reiki energy.

During that first treatment, I experienced a sense of deep relaxation, far beyond anything I had ever experienced before. There was a very calming atmosphere present throughout the treatment. My body and mind received the deep rest that it needed so much. I made another appointment and over the next couple of months, receiving reiki regularly, I noticed visible changes in myself - I was becoming more relaxed about everyday things that had previously stressed me out. I also noticed that I was learning to 'read my stress signals' and this gave me the opportunity to do whatever needed to be done, before things got on top of me.

That was one year ago. These days, I have a reiki treatment every couple of months. I now have a new confidence, and a brighter outlook for the future. I have more energy and feel stronger and better able to cope with life. My days are busy and my job pressurised at times. Reiki helps me cope in the stressful times. I realise that this is the beginning of my healing journey. I feel that reiki is playing a big part in my ongoing recovery. I believe that I found Reiki at a time in my life when I was ready for it.

I recommend reiki to anyone who is stressed or anxious or feeling depressed. I am lucky to have found reiki and even luckier to have found a great reiki practitioner in Anne.




Read what people have to say about their experience of learning Reiki at a Weekend Workshop with Anne:

Although I was aware of Reiki and had read many articles about it I had never experienced it for myself.

My sister in law had been to Anne and received Reiki treatments and found it "amazing". I then attended a Reiki One workshop run by Anne. The whole experience was new to me and I really enjoyed it, it has taught me how to still my mind, to concentrate, to focus, and I approach each day now calling to mind the Reiki Principles.

Anne has a very calm and gentle personality which immediately draws you to her and puts you at your ease. I loved the weekend workshop and can't wait to do another one.

Martina Stoney,

Dunshaughlin, Meath


My first experience of Reiki was a year ago, when I was experiencing some anxiety and insomnia. I underwent a number of sessions; I had no previous experience of Reiki and no expectations.

I found the Reiki sessions to be both relaxing and rejuvenating. Also as a result of experiencing Reiki I came to realise areas in my own life that I needed to deal with and through the healing benefits of Reiki, I found I was able to accomplish this. My anxiety reduced significantly and I no longer had difficulty sleeping.

This experiencing of receiving Reiki awoke in me an interest and desire to learn more about Reiki. The opportunity arose in September to undertake a Reiki training Level One with Anne Nolan.

The took place over a weekend which I found to be intensive, most interesting and holistically rewarding. I met some wonderful, like minded participants. We continued our training over the following months with follow-up meetings and had the opportunity to experience Reiki sharing meetings.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher Anne was intuitive, enthusiastic and a source of enlightenment - to her Reiki is not just a form of healing but a way of life. It is my intention to continue my Reiki training in 2009 with Anne as my teacher. I am most grateful for the opportunity and wish Anne continued success in the future. I feel this is only the beginning of her Life's work as she has so much more to give.

Marie R Fahey,

Dunboyne, Meath


My initial introduction to Reiki came through meeting Anne during one of her Relaxation / Breathing Courses. I found this course very Interesting and calming and decided to try a Reiki healing with Anne. This experience was profound for me and I felt much better within myself after receiving reiki. I decided I would like to explore Reiki further and enrolled in the Reiki One Workshop with Anne.

I am so glad that I made this decision - made the time and followed this path as I found huge benefits from participating in the Reiki One Workshop.

I feel the whole experience has given me a confidence in myself - an ability to take time out to just be with myself and be quiet. For many years I never wanted to stop - to think - to reflect - however I feel Reiki has given me that option and for me the whole journey has been very positive.

Thank you Anne, and my fellow students for a lovely weekend of Reiki.

Mary S

Ratoath, Co. Meath