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Mindfulness is a simple practice that helps us connect more fully with ourselves. Practicing mindfulness enables us to live life more fully, in the present moment, with a greater sense of calm and ease and enables us to experience a greater sense of joy and peace in each moment.

Many of us live our lives ‘in our heads’, constantly flip-flopping backwards and forwards between re-living the past (stuck in memories) and leaning into the future (worrying about how our lives will turn out). This is not a very satisfactory or rewarding way to live. Mindfulness brings greater awareness and offers us greater choice on how we can live our lives on a daily basis.

Whilst we may not be able to change or get rid of difficulties in our lives, with mindfulness we can change how we relate to life’s challenges – mindfulness gives us the necessary tools. Mindfulness could be described as ‘wakefulness’ - we learn to ‘wake up’ to life and change our relationship with life itself!

The practice of mindfulness is not new, mindfulness meditation is based on two-thousand-five-hundred year-old Buddhist teachings. Nonetheless it is as applicable to our lives today as it was 2,500 years ago. Mindfulness is not a religion. It is practiced by people throughout the world, people of all religions and none.

In recent years, more and more health care professionals are coming to realise the capacity of mindfulness to enhance the quality of people's lives, particularly (but not exclusively) in the area of pain management and stress reduction.

Great numbers of people attend Mindfulness Courses throughout Europe and the United States each year. In Ireland the numbers attending Mindfulness Courses is also on the increase. The reasons why people attend these courses are as varied as the people who attend, but they all have one thing in common – they are seeking a better quality of life, one that brings greater peace of mind.

If you are interested in taking a mindfulness course, please see ‘Classes and Courses’ page for details of courses available in your area, or you can contact:

Anne Nolan on 087 2067869 or email: [email protected]