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"Healing is a transformation of view rather than a cure. It involves recognizing your intrinsic wholeness, and simultaneously, your connectedness to everything else. Above all, it involves coming to feel at peace within yourself".

- Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Healing yourself - becoming whole - learning to relax - finding inner peace and calm - whatever it is you are searching for - the wisdom, the power, the capacity for growth and change lies inside of you.

At The Healing Within, Anne offers a space to explore new possibilities, re-assess old ways of being, enabling you to make better choices and enjoy life.

Being human we have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realm to our being and if any one, or more than one area, has been neglected, then an imbalance can occur that we may experience as disharmony or disease in the body.

Throughout her years of working with people, Anne has come to understand the interconnectedness of mind and body. Our beliefs about ourselves and our capacity to heal ourselves are intrinsically linked. Our thinking mind can be our greatest asset or our worst nightmare. An undisciplined turbulent mind can sweep us along like a raging river, into fear, self-doubt and worry, which can keep us feeling stuck. However, through increased awareness and learning to discipline the mind, we can transform our lives and experience joy, freedom, and a sense of inner peace.

Start your journey to health and well-being

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